Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Was Related to Paul Revere

Although born and raised at different times and in different places, Abraham Lincoln was related to Paul Revere through three marriages in his family.

Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas Lincoln, had two cousins in Boston during the late 1700s named Amos and Jedediah Lincoln. Like himself, both cousins were carpenters, although they were much more successful at their trade...Click here to read more: http://civilwarsaga.com/abraham-lincoln-was-related-to-paul-revere/


  1. A freelance journalist who loves history?! It's like looking into a mirror. ;)

    Thanks for finding me and leading me to your blog. I think it is awesome you offer so much interesting information about the civil war here. I'm actually really impressed and I can't wait to dig through some of your old posts.

    You left a comment on my blog about how you wished schools had taught about female soldiers and whatnot, and I completely agree with you. I honestly have learned way more about history (American and world) by reading books on my own as an adult than I EVER did in school. And there are so many fascinating stories and people who should be recognized!

    I really enjoyed this post by the way. I love learning about random historical people who are related. Makes me realize what a small world it is...

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! So happy we found each other's blogs! :-)


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